Get Started

So just how do you go from zero to racing?

Technically here’s what you need to do:
  1. Join a car club
  2. Join the 2K Cup club
  3. Get a car — either an existing 2K Cup car or suitable road car to prepare
  4. Get your Motorsport New Zealand Race License
  5. Buy the requisite safety gear
  6. Prepare the car
  7. Go test the car (and yourself) on a track test day or two. Consider doing a race school.
  8. Enter each round when the invites come out
  9. Join us for race day

But in reality this is all a whole lot easier if an experienced club member is available to guide you, and on race day it really is helpful to buddy-up with someone so you know what to do, where to be etc.

So insert Step 0: Contact the 2K Cup club and find a buddy… aside from anything else that’ll help avoid you buying an unsuitable car.

So if you’re thinking having a go drop us a line at and we’ll reach out to club members in your area to find you someone to help.

Levels Raceway

418 Falvey Road, RD 5 Levels, Timaru
South Canterbury Car Club

Ruapuna Motorsport Park

107 Hasketts Rd, Templeton, Christchurch
Canterbury Car Club

Safety Gear

In Summary:

All gear must comply with MSNZ standards:

  • Full length non-flamable underlayer — socks, long johns, long sleeved top, balaclava
  • Triple layer fireproof race suit
  • Helmet — can be open face
  • HANS and other compliant neck restraint (not compulsory yet)
  • You will also need a large (need to know the specs) fire extinguisher for refueling in your pit area.

    Car Prep

    Rollcage — highly recommended: you can come racing for up to 3 rounds without fitting a rollcage, however some tracks (e.g. Teretonga, Highlands) do not allow uncaged cars to race.

    Install a race seat and belts.

    Install a fire extinguisher

    You car must have a current WOF if road registered. If not, it will need to comply with MSNZ standards.

    Do not modify the engine — by all means refresh it, but stick to OEM parts and specs. You may:

    Examples of what you cannot do:

    Do not modify the bodywork, do not add an oil catcher, do not create a cool air/air ram intake, do not rebuild with race parts such as forged pistons.

    Get the car registered with MSNZ and obtain a race log book.