Where can I find the 2023-24 season dates?

The Schedule can be found here

I won’t be able to compete in all of the points rounds, can I still enter 2K Cup SI?

Yes, you can do as few (or as many) of the rounds as you like.

I’ve paid my membership fee, now where do I get the sticker set from?

The windscreen banner, race numbers and class stickers will be issued to you on the morning of your first 2K Cup SI event.

We place an order with our signwriter in the week prior to the event, after we see the entry list from the hosting car club.

I’ve taken my stickers off and now I need a new set, where do I get them from?

Order the replacements from the secretary by emailing 2kcupsi@gmail.com.

There will be a $30 cost to replace them, that can be paid to the 2K Cup SI bank account.

I want to get my entry in as soon as possible, where do I get the entry forms from?

As soon as the car clubs (SCCC & CCC) issue the entry forms and regulations for the meeting, they email them to the committee, who will email all members immediately.

I have found a car that meets all of the rules, but I don’t understand what ‘readily available’ means. Can you explain?

The committee view on the readily available part of our rules goes like this…

If the committee decide that a car is obviously an under $2000 car then the readily available part does not need to be proven. However if the committee deem that it is a marginal $2000 car, then we are asking for competitors to provide 3 examples of that exact car/model/spec to prove it’s ‘readily available’ for $2000 or less.

This is to stop any complaints like “how can that car be bought for under $2k” as we will have actual physical proof before accepting the car.

I have found a car that isn’t on the eligible cars list. How can I get an answer that it is eligible to enter?

Email the committee 2kcupsi@gmail.com.

Some cars are accepted without the need for ‘readily available’ proof, some applications are asked for the ‘readily available’ examples to be provided, and some car application requests are declined.

Why would a car application request be declined?

Applications have been declined because of the year the model was released (post 1995) or the size of the engine (larger than 2000cc).

What is the One of a Kind Cup (1OAK)?

The One of a Kind Cup is the class that recognises the variety in the used car market and exists to promote variety in 2K Cup.

It is also the class for odd ball cars if you want to make a statement about your uniqueness.

If you want to enter a Subaru Legacy, Ford Telstar, Mercedes-Benz 190E or some other car that is the only one of it’s type in 2K Cup SI, then you will accumulate points in 1OAK until someone else competes with the same model.

The name of the series is 2K Cup, why are people selling their 2K Cup cars for more than $2000?

The organisers have always maintained that to be eligible for 2K Cup, the car must have been purchased for $2000 or less.

This evidence is shown to the 2K CUP SI committee who will stamp the logbook of the car at its first event.

The car is recognised as a 2K Cup SI car and can change hands at whatever price the seller and buyer agree on, to recognise the value of the car, the safety equipment, and the maintenance and improvements the seller has made to the car.

If you want to enter a sub $2000 car, but fit new wheels, tyres, brake pads, shocks, cambelt, plugs and tidy up the panel and paint, then we will accept the sub $2000 purchase price.

Why are R32 Skyline coupes, S14 Silvias and EK4 Civics excluded?

Those models are not readily available for $2000. If the market changes, then they may be considered for eligibility.

Note: As at November 2017, the EK4 Civic SiR is now considered eligible as the committee has received four examples of them being available for $2000 or less.

The rules state the tyre width can be increased by 10mm, and the rim diameter can be increased by one inch from original spec. So I’ve got a 185/60 x 14 wheel/tire set, what size can I run?

You can run a 195/50 x 15 tyre. 195mm is an increase of 10mm, 15 inch is an increase of one inch in rim diameter. 50 series/aspect ratio keeps the upgraded size circumference as near as possible to the original circumference. This means your gearing and speedo reading remain close to original.