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Getting started in 2K Cup South Island

Ok guys we have had heaps of questions as to what/how/where to get involved in 2K Cup, so hopefully this will answer most of your questions…

First of all you need to get your MSNZ race licence and affiliated Car Club membership. After all it’s no good buying a car if you can’t pass the licence test!

MSNZ Club Membership: Before you can sit your licence you need to join a Motorsport New Zealand (MSNZ) affiliated Car Club. Unfortunately your 2K Cup membership is not an affiliated membership. Some of our regions MSNZ affiliated car clubs include Autosport, Canterbury, Ashburton, South Canterbury, Waimate 50 & Otago. Online is the best way to find your local Car Club. For the benefit of new members the South Canterbury Car Club have offered 3 x 1hr test session vouchers with a brand new Club membership. This is a good deal but there are other clubs as listed above if you prefer.
Club memberships range from $50 to $120p.a.

MSNZ Race licence: Once you have an affiliated Club Membership then you need a MSNZ Race licence of C grade minimum. All the information you require for sitting your licence including all the questions can be found here:
The fee for a new C grade Race licence is $145p.a.

Here is a checklist of what happens and how the licence test works:
Prior to Examination:Candidates are encouraged to either view the ‘live’ copy of the current MSNZ Manual or obtain all amendments to the manual from the MotorSport NZ website:

The C Grade Licence examination is divided into two parts; a written (multi choice) examination and an oral examination. The master question sheet on the website contains all the questions that will be included in both the written examination (Part 1) and the oral examination (Part 2).

Part 1 – Written Examination: The written examination will consist of one of three papers containing 40 questions selected from this Master list of 60 questions. Each candidate will be given one of the three examination papers and asked to circle the correct answers in an “open book” test. Candidates are to answer all questions correctly and may refer to the manual to identify the answers.
Part 2 – Oral Examination: The oral examination is broken into two parts: Part A consisting of 10 questions that the candidate must answer without reference to the Manual. Part B consisting of 5 questions that the candidate may refer to the Manual if required.
What you will need to bring to the examination:
· A MotorSport NZ Manual (optional)
· A pen
· Your completed A001Competition Application Licence form.
· Your completed A003AMedical Aptitude Clearance Application form.
(Note: All forms are available for download on the MotorSport NZ website once you have registered to login online at
After the Examination the completed test papers, application forms & payment are sent to MSNZ. Your new race licence will usually be sent in about a week.

Joining 2K Cup South Island:Next you need to join the 2k Cup South Island Series. This can be done by downloading the membership form & making payment of the membership fee. Your payment also gets you the official series window banners & race numbers.
Cost of 2K Cup SI membership is $75p.a. 
Member ship form available here

Ok now you have your race licence etc you can look for a car…

2K Cup cars: There is a list of approved cars (make/model/years) available on the South Island 2k Cup website Anything not on this list needs to be approved by the 2K Cup SI committee. To be approved you must be able to prove that year/make/model/spec is readily available for $2000 or less (i.e. you are not the only person who can buy a Lamborghini Murcielago for $2k) plus you must have a receipt for purchase for $2000-00 or less. For cars on the approved list, you must still have your proof of purchase for $2000-00 or less.

Now you have the car,you must ensure it is to 2k Cup spec. Although you can race with the standard seat and standard lap-diagonal seatbelt we strongly recommend that you invest in at least a race seat and race seatbelts, as money spent on safety is never wasted!

Remember that all cars must be up to WOF standard and in an original, tidy & presentable condition. No modifications at all are allowed unless they are specifically included in our list of approved modifications. Even if your modification is not performance gaining, it is still not allowed. However the committee may approve a dispensation to our rules on a cost or safety basis. Please apply in writing to the committee ( if you require a dispensation for any modifications.

Log books: All cars competing in the Series will require a MSNZ logbook. These are simple to apply for by following the link below
Once you have your logbook and we verify your receipt then we will stamp the logbook confirming the car is eligible for 2k Cup SI at your first 2K Cup SI event..
Logbook cost is $30

Fire extinguisher: The car will also need to have a double clip fire extinguisher for 2K Cup events, to MSNZ specifications here:

Cost of fire extinguisher $30-$40

Helmet & Overalls: Recently requirements for protective clothing have changed, meaning that competitors are now required to wear at a minimum what is in line B of the image below (line A fine to wear). 

Click on the link below to show full requirements for protective clothing and also for information about helmet requirements under article 4. 


Once you have ticked off all the things on this list you are all set to go racing… You have probably spent around $3000 to get to this point, but now you are ready to race in 2K Cup South Island!

The next step is entering a 2k Cup SI event.
2K Cup SI does not hire a circuit for our exclusive use, we are hosted by the circuit owners on one of their race days.
Therefore the South Canterbury Car Club or Canterbury Car Club will issue regulations and entry forms for the race day. The entry forms will be sent to 2K Cup SI members as soon as they are available.
Please note the expected entry fees for the 2020/21 season will be approximately $250 plus $30 to $40 transponder hire fee. These fees are paid to the hosting circuit owner/car club.