Car List

So what car can I run?


For any information on vehicle eligibility for 2K Cup S.I. please contact the following: or 


For details of eligibility rules please go to  

Rules: 2.0, 2.0.5, 2.1, 2.1.1, 4.0.1. 


Specific Exclusions:




Vehicles listed below have been pre-approved.  

All other vehicles must be approved by the 2K Cup S.I. Committee. There will be NO exceptions. 


Alfa Romeo 145 QV 

BMW E36 318i, 318is, 325i 

Daihatsu Charade De Tomaso 

Eunos Presso 

Ford Laser (KF) TX3i 

Ford Laser (KJ) Xri 

Ford Telstar II 

Honda Accord SiR-T (CF4) 

Honda Civic EF3, EF9, EG9, EK4 

Honda CRX del Sol 

Honda CRX EF7, EF8 

Honda Integra DA6, DA8, DC2, DC4, DB8 

Honda Prelude (BA) 

Honda Torneo SiR-T (CF4) 

Mazda Familia (BG) including Infini 

Mazda Lantis including Type R 

Mercedes Benz 190E 

Mitsubishi FTO including MIVEC

Mitsubishi Mirage 

Nissan Bluebird (U13) 

Nissan Primera P10 & P11 

Nissan Pulsar (N13) X1R & Gti 

Nissan Sentra SSS 

Peugeot 205 

Peugeot 306 Xsi 

Rover 216 

Rover MGF 

Subaru Legacy (BC4) 

Toyota Carina ED ST205 

Toyota Corolla AE92 FXGT & Levin 

Toyota Celica ST183; ST202 excluding BEAMS; ZZT230 & ZZT231

Toyota Ceres Silvertop & Blacktop 

Toyota Corolla AE101 GT, FX-GT, Levin, Sprinter Trueno, BZ Touring 

Toyota Corolla FXGT AE111 Levin, Sprinter Trueno 

Toyota Curren 

Toyota Cynos 

Toyota MR2 (SW20) to Oct 1993 

VW Golf GTI (Mk3)