Self- Regulation

Is your car compliant with the 2K Cup SI rules?
If you want confirmation, email the committee and arrange for a free advisory inspection.
Vehicle compliance for this class will be self-regulating.
In simple terms what this means is that all competitors are tasked with policing their own car and those of their fellow competitors, with the committee overseeing any queries.
If you think or know that someone else is cheating, you need to write a note to the committee explaining details of what is illegal.You will need to state why you think that or what proof you have and the committee will look into it.
Your identity will be kept anonymous from the suspected cheater although we need your details as we may need to contact you for specifics.
If your complaint is in regards to a committee members car please send it to a different committee member (or to our non-competing committee member Russell) & we again undertake to not reveal your identity.
Self-regulation will take some of the already considerable “heat“ off the committee, who have been copping some flack for trying to make sure everyone abides by the rules, plus it is in keeping with the spirit of 2KCUP.
Remember that cars must be 100% standard apart from what is specifically listed in the rules. If its not listed in the rules you can’t do it.
In all honestly if you have to cheat to win 2k Cup then your really only kidding yourself and proven cheaters will be deemed to have bought 2K Cup into disrepute and will be banned from 2K Cup, end of story.
So it’s easy, if you are cheating – DON’T !!! The rules are simple and remember;
1) If you go “too fast” the committee has the right to “slow you down” using any means it sees fit, so save yourself the bother, cost and embarrassment.
2) If you feel the need to cheat, then you are probably in the wrong class anyway.
Please take a moment to read the 2K Cup SI Mission Statement as per our website –—-

For those that have not heard of 2K Cup, in short, buy a production road car for under $2000, make sure it fits the rules (no turbo or rotary, and keep it under 2000cc) get a race licence then go racing!
You can drive to the event and home again. Non contact will be strictly enforced to ensure there are no expensive repair jobs post racing. Parity will be controlled in different ways but the whole thought behind the class is FUN! The way it used to be.